COHIBA Espléndidos

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CIGAR LENGTH: 178 mm / 6.9 inches
BODY: Medium - Full

ABOUT THIS CIGAR:  I never feel at home without a hearty meal under my belt, whether it be simple rustic peasant food or Michelin star quality culinary exploits, food is the fruit of life! The Father of Cohibas, the Esplendidos goes with the food I like, red meats, creams, herbs, red wines, and new tastes are formed in the mouth when the cigar and the food are mingled. The spice of the Cuban cigar lifts out the matte flavors of the food and gives them three dimensional qualities and a density and depth that was unimaginable. So when you sit down on your porch, or balcony, or by your fire after that hearty meal take your time and smoke one of these classic Habanos as a digestive and relish that time. advises beginners to refrain from attempting to smoke one of these Esplendidos until they have more experience in the art of smoking.

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